Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Vocab Box

One of my favorite circle time activities for preschool is to bring a box of vocabulary items.

This is the box I brought last week. Contents include pumpkins, gourds,  leaves, apples, footballs, and flowers. During a group circle we talk about Fall and what that means. Then the kids each take a turn picking something out of my box. We label and describe it. Then I ask WH questions about it! 


During individual speech times I snapped a few more pictures. They are blurry, but hey those preschoolers are fast!  The apples are similar in size but different in color. We compared and contrasted them.

The pumpkins are great for words like smooth/bumpy, tall/short, and fat/round.

The apples (from my Attribute Apples Box) contain worms and leaves for differentiating. We talked about all the things we can make apples into (pie, applesauce, etc).

Gourds are great because it's new vocabulary for most preschoolers. Plus just try to describe their shape!

We use the leaves to talk about real/pretend and why the leaves fall.

Do you use 'vocabulary boxes' in preschool?