Monday, October 8, 2012

Rosie's Walk Preschool Lesson.

It's time to take another peek into preschool! Rosie's Walk is a sweet little book about a hen named Rosie. Rosie takes a walk around the farm, but never noticed that a sly fox is following her along the way.  I happened to find the big book version at a Garage Sale a few years ago. Many of my teachers do their farm themes early in the year, so I did Rosie's Walk a few weeks back.

The book has very few words in it. Making it perfect to 'talk through' with the kids during circle, rather than read. The prepositions are great as Rosie goes around the pond, over the haystack, through the fence and past the mill! 

One of my favorite things about this story is the emphasis on prepositions. The story elements can be downloaded at KizClub. I laminated them and stapled them to popsicle sticks. I held them up with clothespins. I used a beanie baby hen and fox to let the kids act it out as a group. We even take turn pretending to be Rosie and the fox and give directions in the classroom. I might ask them to go UNDER the table, or BEHIND the cubbies. Great for following directions goals! 

I use this oldie but goodie with some of my younger preschoolers. Great for eliciting animal noises, naming nouns, matching and simple turn taking.

I also usually bring my Little People barn. All my animals are hiding there in the Silo! Great for working on play skills, prepositions, following directions, nouns, and verbs. The list goes on!

I printed this picture of a barn (can't find the source) and added stickers. This makes for a great activity to send home to reinforce the vocabulary.

These are the picture icons I made on Boardmaker. We use them to explain or help when giving directions.

This easy reader used to be out there in the world wide web. I'm pretty sure I got it from this website, which seems to no longer exist. If I end up finding a working link I will let you know! We put our Rosie on a popsicle stick, then take her over, under, through, around and across the farm!

This Rosie's Walk Positional Words game is a Lotto game played with our character Rosie.

These AMAZING buzzers are all the rage in my speech room right now. I'm whipping up a review on them for later this month so stay tuned!

I used with communication board with one of my friends. I got it through HERE.

 I used one of my favorite apps Peekaboo Barn with some of my low verbal friends working on imitating animal noises and signs for 'open'.

Here's a another resource you might want to check out: Sparklebox has several pictures for sequencing. You can also find felt board icons here at MakeLearningFun.

How do you incorporate themes into your preschool plans? Do you use books to make weekly plans like I do? What other ideas do you have for the farm theme?