Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mad Scientists!!

Sometimes I see clip art that inspires me! When I saw this Mad Scientist clip art I thought it would be perfect for Halloween, but also still be applicable all year round. My newest downloads are for Pronouns, WH Questions and Item Attributes.

I spent the first 5 minutes explaining what a Mad Scientist meant to most of my groups. A few google images solved that issue.

The game is played using the title page as a mat. Each student draws cards and adds the correct pronoun to the blank.

Check out these super germs being brewed up in my lab!

The jars of eyeballs had lots of kiddos laughing.

The game includes probes for Subjective, Objective, Possessive and Reflexive pronouns. 15 of each type are included for a total of 60 cards. Each card set includes a list of the possible pronouns. When working on specific skills, I played the game with just one type of pronoun (see the reflexive pronoun only game in the picture at the top.)

If the jars of eyeballs didn't inspire your students, these brain jars will!

Many of the cards will work with multiple pronouns. See if your students can determine all the options. For example, in the card above: YOUR, HER, and HIS all complete the sentence.

The game is played with the TOXIC SPILL cards below. Watch out for Toxic Spills and don't loose all your cards! ((Warning, you'll get the silly Brittany Spears song stuck in your head after a few rounds of playing))

The Pronoun cards are available on my TPT site.

The Item Attribute game uses the Mad Scientist theme. 64 game cards are included that focus on item attributes.

Use the title page as a 'game mat.'

The game is played with cards that list attributes. The students need to read the two attributes listed and name an object they describe. For example given the descriptors 'fast and red,' the student could name "Lighting McQueen".

For the cards 'old & worn', students might name tennis shoes, baseball glove or last years book bag.
The game includes four types of attribute cards and one set of Toxic Spill cards. When students draw a toxic spill card they must put all their cards back.

My last new game focuses on WH questions! 

The game includes 64 cards for a variety of WH questions. The game also includes 'Toxic' cards. If a student draws a toxic card, they need to put all their cards back.

The questions include very easy questions, as well as questions with more advanced vocabulary.

The WH Questions game is available in my TPT Store too!

Check out Facebook to enter for your chance to win a free copy! To visit my TPT Store, start here!