Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Super Duper WH Questions App {Review & Giveaway}

Super Duper Pub. has developed a new app featuring their WH question cards. Super Duper is stepping up their apps with this new transition. While in the past, their apps just contained the card decks to scroll through, this new one features interactive games.

The app includes all 5 WH question decks (Who, What, Where, When & Why). Users can select from four game options. These include Multiple Choice, Decoder, Matching, and Drag ‘n Match. SLP’s can choose to use just one or multiple question card decks during play. You may score responses automatically or manually.

To get started add your students to the game by pressing the green + sign. Press the red negative sign to clear your student names. Then tap where it says Select Players to Collect Data on. From the list above you will be able to select whole decks. To select just certain stimuli from a deck – click the small arrow below the deck.

In the Multiple Choice game you can select to ASK or ANSWER questions. The answering questions task provides a picture and the question. To have the app read the question/answers, just tap on the picture. Once you select the correct answer the picture flips to match. The upper left hand corner will indicate which players turn it is and how many questions they have answered. If you select to ask the questions, your student will be shown the answer question and need to identify which question it answers.

The Decoder game works just like Super Duper Fun Decks that include the decoder. Students are presented with a question and 3 answer choices. Once they make a select the decoder pops on to the screen. The student moves the decoder over to their answer, which flips the picture. The students really loved this one!

The matching game can be played in a variety of difficulty levels (4, 9, 16, 25 cards.) The student clicks on one red and one blue. They are then prompted to decide if the cards (the question and the answer) match. Throughout the app there are little ‘ WH’ creatures. During this game they are hidden under the cards. The WH creatures (ie: the creature with WHAT on his chest) don’t correspond to the type of question. That was pretty confusing for some of my little guys.

The Drag ‘n Match game is the game I find myself using the most. Dragging together pictures that match is the easiest for my preschool crowd. You can adjust the difficulty by controlling how many cards are placed on the screen.

Data collection is saved during all activities. Graphs give an easy snapshot of skills for each WH question.

Overall I loved the multiple games included within the app. The app allows for a variety of difficulty levels. The student’s were engaged in the app, but the focus is placed on the skills in all activity.

In the next update, I wish I had the option to turn off the words on the cards. I have several children on the Autism Spectrum who are excellent readers. I have to cover the words with my fingers on the app to prevent them from just reading me the cards.

You can test out the app by downloading the free deck of WHO questions! It's great to test it out before you buy the full version!

Super Duper provided me with this app in exchange for a review. Super Duper is letting me give away one copy of this awesome new app! Enter on the rafflecopter below. 

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