Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Sequencing, Cause/Effect, & Idioms {FREEBIE}

Yesterday I posted a download for those of you who can't directly celebrate Halloween in your schools or clinics. Today's post if for those who are allowed to celebrate! In case you're wondering, I'm planning to be a Flamingo for Halloween. Maybe you can bribe me into sharing the picture :)

The download has two sets of activities. The sequencing activity features 3 part sequences.

The students need to spell BOO with each sequence. To play I start with all the B's spread out on the table and we add the appropriate O's as we go. Make the activity easier or more difficult by limiting the number of sequences you are working on at one time. 

The second part of the download is a BOO Cause/Effect game. This game highlights that an effect can have multiple causes.

Each letter B contains an Effect. The O's contain causes. Discuss multiple causes for effects with your students. Lay out all the B cards. Have your students decide which O's match to spell BOO.

This packet is available on TPT. I put it on sale for today only :)

I also created a FREEBIE for you :)

This download features Halloween Idioms and phrases.

The game features these cute Halloween friends.

Each of the 30 cards, lists a phrase or idiom that relates to Halloween. Have your students verbalize a definition or use it appropriately in a sentence. The difficulty level varies within the cards, so you'll be able to pick the appropriate phrases for each age group!

Grab the FREEBIE in my TPT Store. 

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Happy Halloween!