Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Leaves & CandyLand

Just wanted to share some of the new things I added to TPT this week. 

First up is set of vocabulary games. I made them with Fall Leaves, hoping those of you who can't discuss Halloween at school can use them to celebrate the changing of seasons in your school! 

The first game is for all of you have been asking me for middle school activities! This Antonym game is appropriate for 4th-8th graders.

Students draw fall leaves from a leaf pile! Each leaf has one word on it. The game can be played two ways. Receptive Language: Draw leaves and look for words that are antonym matches. Expressive Language: Draw a card and verbalize an antonym. 

Keep this fall tree in front of each child to keep matches on.

Watch out for the wind! It will blow all your cards back into the leaf pile! This document is 16 pages in length and includes 72 leaf cards. You can find it HERE in my TPT store. 

I also created a version of this game for students in grades 1-3. This game focuses on synonyms. 

The synonym version is available here in my TPT store

I've also been working on another set of CandyLand Cards. This set  uses pictures to work on the following preschool language targets: Following Directions, Pronouns, WH Questions and What Doesn't Belong. The games each include 60 cards with 78 tiles with learning targets. The games are made to be used as separate games, or they can mix and matched to target multiple learning targets in one game. 

The What Doesn't belong cards have either 3 or 4 pictures. They include a variety of relationships including categories, part/whole, function and attributes. When playing with your students work on receptive and expressive skills. For example, let them name the items on the card: clock, plate, goal. Ask your student, "What doesn't belong?" The child should identify goal. Then ask your students, "How do clock/plate go together?". The child should say that they are both round. 

The Pronouns game focuses on subjective and objective pronouns. The pictures included each have one pronoun listed. The clinician can give a prompt to elicit that pronoun. 

I included a list of pronouns and example prompt for eliciting the pronouns. 

The WH Questions game contains WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW questions. The  prompts have a variety of visual support. Some of the pictures show the answers. Other pictures are related to the question. 

The Following Directions game contains both 1 and 2 step directions. The two step directions are included on the 'double square' cards. 

Each game set includes the 6 special cards. The special cards come in a set for both older and newer versions of the game. Find this game on my TPT store

Let me know if you try them!