Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Peek at Thanksgiving....

Gobble, Gobble, just a peek into the turkey happenings in my Speech Room this week! 

I made a Sensory Turkey. My preschool friends and I described it, felt it, smelled it, and jingled it. My elementary kiddos and I described it with adjectives and then make a big adjective list.  Feathers contain: cotton balls, googley eyes, velcro, tongue depressors, noodles, feathers, buttons, crushed red pepper flakes, and pipe cleaners.

 We added feathers to this Turkey! The kids said 5-10 words before they earned a feather.

We did paint dauber Turkeys.

Of course - most of our learning is coming from my Thanksgiving Language, Articulation and Social Skills packs. Here's a picture of our acorn synonyms. So fun!

What's been happening in your speech room?