Thursday, November 22, 2012

EduBlog Awards 2012 Nominations

Last year, just a few short months after I started Speech Room News, I got an email from Heidi over at Pediastaff. She had nominated me for Best New Blog in the EduBlog awards. So I immediately had to Google - what are EduBlog Awards?! Turns out they are an awesome way to celebrate educational bloggers. No matter who wins, everyone gets introduced to new blogs.  While I follow dozens of blogs on a regular basis, I'm nominating a few that consistently impress me. I wish I could nominate all of you - because I know how much work goes into sharing your SLP smarts with the world!

Best Individual Blog
I love Katie's blog, PlayingwithWords365, because it's developed for parents. Katie takes the time to break down speech and language impairments with careful explanations.  She discusses materials and resources for therapists and parents. I especially love her current set about Phonological Disorders. She shares her personal experiences with her own children, making her readers feel connected immediately.

Best New Blog
This is a very difficult category for me to choose because dozens of new SLP blogs have started in 2012. My vote in this category goes to Nicole Allison, over at AllisonSpeechPeeps. Nicole's blog is jam packed with creative therapy ideas, thoughts about school based issues as well as research based strategies. Every activity I have used has been well thought out, often with research and evidence based practice information included.

Best Resource Sharing Blog
I love the variety and multidiscipline information provided by Heidi in the Pedia Staff Blog. Heidi pulls the best articles from the SLP, OT & PT blogging community into one resource on their blog. The blog also includes current news articles published in the areas of  communication, Autism, ADHD and more. The PediaStaff blog is a one stop shop for therapy ideas and resources.

If you're interested in nominating, via your own blog, use this link. EduBlogs will comb through all the nominations and make a short list for each category. When they open the voting, make sure and support your fellow SLP bloggers :)