Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yellow Brick Road Social Skills

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

Learning social skills can feel like the journey to the Emerald City. Join Dorothy and her friends on the yellow brick road and practice a variety of social skills. Yellow Brick Road Social Skills is a packet for social skills in children preschool-middle school. 

Although The Wizard of Oz, is a familiar story for us, many of my student's weren't familiar it.

I got this version of the story to read with my students from Amazon. It's not exactly the same (silver slippers!?), but combined with YouTube clips, it gave my students enough schema about the story to make the unit meaningful.

I made the packet really broad so that I can adapt it and make it work for most of my caseload.

 I included a parent letter, encouraging carryover and support. 

Use this reference poster in your room to refer to the skills discussed during other activities. 

 YouTube links for short clips associated with the activities in the packet are included. 

Good witch/wicked witch: 27 cards, homework sheet, sorting mats, blanks. Rate statements as kind or unkind and then sort them onto the appropriate picture of Glinda the Good Witch or the Wicked Witch of the West.

Cowardly Lion:  36 cards, 9 special cards, sorting mats, homework page.  “Expected”/”Unexpected” behaviors. Read each scene and behavior. Determine if that behavior is expected or unexpected for that scenario.

Dorothy Perspective Taking:  27 cards, 9 special cards, student mat, homework page. Read the scenes and statements then determine what other people might perceive from the experience.

Tin Man: Be Flexible: 27 cards, sorting mats, 9 special cards, homework sheet.  Think about compromise or stepping into uncomfortable situations.

Scarecrow Sarcasm:  36 cards, 9 special cards, sorting mats: Identify sentences as sarcastic or not.

 Emerald City: 27 cards, 9 special cards, game board. Skills with friends game, just add game markers.

 Toto Conversation Starters: 18 conversation starters related to the story. 

Blank cards are included throughout each activity.

You can find this activity in my TPT store. Please leave feedback if you grab it! 

I'll send a freebie version to the first three people to leave a comment below! Thanks!