Sunday, November 18, 2012

Choo Choo! Train Articulation Cards

The holiday downloads are busy at work in my speech room this week. I wanted to show you another new favorite from the preschool room! Train Articulation!

What is it about that special blue engine that gets every boy under the age of 5 so excited? He seems to be especially bewitching to those students with autism. I'm sure I'm not the only SLP who hears scripted language from Sir Topham Hatt daily. 

Each card features one picture of a stimulus item.

48 page document
T, D, P, B, M, F, K, G S, S blends 
24 cards in the initial/final (12 each) position of each sound.
240 cards total plus Extra Blank Trains

Each student is given a train station mat. Special cards for extra turns and losing turns are included.

Game Version One:
1. Print all train cards. Print 3 copies of the special cards. Print a train station for each student.
2. Use the stations as student mats. Draw trains from the pile. Students say each train word. Students can keep the train if they say it correctly. The student with the most engines in their station wins.

Game Version Two:
1. Print all trains.  On the back of each train, write a number (1-5).
2. Give each student trains for their sound.
3. Play the game like war. Each student says their target word. Then flip the trains over to show a number. The student who has the higher number takes both cards for their pile.  

Your little guys are certain to love this! 

The pack also includes 'cover sheets'. Trains with the sounds included on the front  will help if you're organizing your trains with paperclips or rubber bands like I did.

The word lists are included for each sound.  You can find it in my TPT Store.