Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winter Packets {part 1}

I know many of you can't directly talk about the holidays at school. Secular, religious or otherwise. I wanted to go ahead and share these winter packets with you. I will use them in January and February, but wanted to get them out to you in case you're just going to transition into 'winter' themes instead of Christmas. The first 3 I finished are focused on articulation and grammar.

The first articulation game is for preschool to early elementary age students.

T, D, P, B, M, F, K, G S, S blends
24 cards in the initial/final (12 each) position of each sound.
240 cards total  plus Extra Blank Snowballs

Game Version One:
1. Print all snowball cards. Print 3 copies of the special cards. Print a snowball pile for each student.
2. Use the snowball piles as student mats. Draw snowballs from the pile. Students say each snowball word. Students can keep the snowball if they say it correctly. The student with the most snowballs in their arsenal wins!

Game Version Two:
1. Print all snowballs. On the back of each snowball, write a number (1-3).
2. Give each student snowballs for their sound.
3. Play the game like war. Each student says their target word. Then flip the snowballs over to show a number. The student who has the higher number takes both cards for their pile. 

I played this 'war' version with my kindergarten students. It ties nicely to the math concepts they are targeting in class with 'more/less'.

The target word list is included in case you can't determine all the pictures!

Find it in my TPT Store. 

Winter Grammar is 38 pages including 6 activities.

Ski Pronouns (60 cards) Fill in the blanks with the correct pronoun. Add skiers to the mountain on each turn. Watch out for the Ski Bus heading home!

Polar Bear Irregular Verb Cards  (20 cards) Each card contains a sentence. Students must choose the correct answer to fill in the blank. If correct, store it on their ice fishing house.

Snowflake Irregular Plurals (24 cards) Students read each verb card. Find the two snowflakes that match for the irregular plurals. Use each in a sentence.

Hot Chocolate: Subject/Verb Agreement (18 cards) Students read the sentences and fill in the blanks with is/are. Sort the marshmallows onto the correct mug.

Arctic Animals: HAVE/HAS Cards  (18 cards) Students read the sentence on the card and fill in the blank with HAVE or HAS. Then sort the arctic creatures onto the correct igloo.

Penguin WAS/WERE cards (18 cards) Students draw a card. Read the sentence and fill in the blank with the correct past tense form of ‘to be.’ Sort the card onto the correct igloo.

Find it in my TPT Store. 

Winter Articulation This download is 71 pages in length and includes articulation game for the sounds R, S, S blends, and TH. This game is for your readers, so the target sounds are later developing (and my most commonly targeted!) I also included blank penguin cards in case you need to make another sound. 

The pack includes 189 /r/ and /r/ blends, 81 /th/ cards, 126 /s/ blends, and 108 /s/ cards. 

Each game comes with a title page (this is what I place on the outside of my ziplock storage bags!)

The sound cards each have penguins on them. This /r/ set includes vocalic r, prevocalic r and r blends. 

While you play, watch out for the Blizzard cards! If you draw a blizzard, put all your cards back. Keep all your penguins on a your igloo! Brrrr! Have fun! 

Find it in my TPT Store.

Plenty more winter themed activities are in the works on my desktop! Hoping to share with you after the long week of conferences!