Thursday, November 15, 2012

Social Quest {App Review & Giveaways} + Sunny Artic Test!

Social Quest is a social language app developed for older elementary, middle and high school students.

Social Quest takes students through a transporting machine into different environments. Feel free to imagine yourself hoping into the DeLorean with Doc and Marty. Social Quest uses narrative about home, school and community situations. It includes questions about what to say, do and infer in a variety of situations. Targeted skills include perspective-taking, conversational maintenance, transitions, gauging others' reactions, turn taking, problem solving, humor,  and greetings.

Add your students. Select if they will participate in receptive tasks (given 3 multiple choice options, where two are correct) or expressive language tasks (where the SLP will rate the task as wrong, right or almost correct.) Decide where to transport your students including home, community or school.

In this task, the student answers expressively. SLP's can rate the answer given.

In this task, students answer from of a choice of 3 options. I have the settings so that the student must identify two correct answers.

Rewards are granted throughout the app. The rewards are tied to social ideas. They can spark great conversation.

The report cards feature lets you look into the Hall of Rewards and the Score Reports.

Pros: I really like some of the self talk included into this app. It's a great strategy for our students and I like that the questions directly request those skills.  I love the variety of locations for social situations. It's a great opportunity for discussing that our whole world is social! More than 800 questions are included, which gives it plenty of variety.

Cons: I love the variety of difficulty in the app, but think it would be helpful if the stimulus items could be divided a bit. Maybe just into levels with topics appropriate for each.

Smarty Ears provided a copy of this app for review. The opinions in this review are mine.

Social Quest is currently listed at $14.99 in the itunes store. Enter via rafflecopter below to win a copy!

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Smarty Ears is also letting me giveaway another one of their apps. The Sunny Articulation Phonology Test is an individually administered assessment tool that takes 4-8 minutes. It is developed for screenings, identification, diagnosis, and follow-up evaluation of articulation for English speaking individuals.

I typically use it at the beginning of the year, to reassess progress. This year I have had a few students transfer in and need to switch SLP's. This is an easy screener that helps me determine where a student is functioning.

Smarty Ears is giving away this app, although it's an app I had purchased myself.

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