Monday, November 19, 2012

Sentence Workout {app review}

Sentence Workout is a new app developed by The Virtual Speech Center.

Start by changing the settings to meet your needs. I like to alter the count before alternating between students.

Add your students into the game by typing in their names. Then tap on their name, so that the green check mark indicates they are playing this round.

Next you will be prompted to select activities for each student.  Choose the sentence type you wish to target and the receptive or expressive task.

For the ‘Say it’ tasks, students will need to answer the question prompt. The SLP will rate the sentence as correct or not. You can replay the sentence as well as record your student saying the sentence. The bottom of the screen indicates how many soccer balls have been earned.

The ‘Create a Sentence’ task has students drag sentence parts to make a complete sentence.

Next to the student name you will see 4/10 indicating this is the third of 10 possible sentences for the chosen sentence type.

I have the game set to earn a soccer game after 5 correct responses. The kids play a short 8-second soccer game to see how many goals they can score.

Data is collected and stored for each student. You can email yourself the results directly from the results page.

The app features 37 different sentence structures with ten sentences for each type. 

Positives: There is a wide variety of sentence structures included in the app. It will be a great way to practice these skills. Right now I use the No Glamour Sentence Structure book and the app Rainbow Sentences. I love having more activities for this skill! 

Negatives: The voice prompt uses an unusual prosody. It bothered me after several run trials.

Find the app in the itunes store for the sale price of $9.99.